Beauty :: Opalescence PF Whitening

The Opalescence PF bleaching gel is effective for between eight and ten hours. It is recommended that you bleach overnight because the Opalescence PF has a timed sustained release formula. However, you should avoid doing overnight bleaching using either the 20% or the 35% formulas, as this may result in hypersensitivity.

It is common for users of family cosmetic dentistry San Diego high concentration Opalescence PF teeth whitening formulas to experience sensitivity in their teeth. If you are one such person, you might want to switch to a formula with a lower concentration such as the 10%. Alternatively, you could use a desensitizing gel such as the UltraEZ Desensitizing Gel immediately after you complete the whitening procedure. However, you should note that should you opt for a lower concentration Opalescence PF formula, it will take you a longer time to see whitening results than it would with say a 35% concentration formula.

Before you begin using Opalescence PF, you will need to have your dentist custom make some well fitting trays which will prevent the bleaching gel from going onto your gums and resulting in irritation. This is important because the Opalescence PF bleaching gel is not water soluble. As such, in the event that it overflows from the trays and gets onto your gums, it will not come off easily. You cannot simply rinse the bleaching gel off with water, so you will need to use a wash cloth or some dry tissue to remove the excess gel. The reservoirs are therefore important for containing the gel in the trays, away from the gums. However, if your wearing time is shorter than go to San Diego one hour, you will not require the use of the reservoirs in your fitting tray.

Some users of Opalescence PF have reported that in most cases they were able to notice whitening results just after one night of using the product. Opalescence PF is regarded as being a gold dentist marketing standard in teeth whitening procedures because it uses custom fitted trays. As such, Opalescence PF comes highly recommended especially for those who have tried other whitening products purchased over the counter and are yet to see any tangible whitening results.

Opalescence PF is currently one of the best and most popular professional whitening products available for use at home today. A product of Ultradent, Opalescence PF is available in concentrations ranging from 10%, 15%, 20% and 35% depending on your bleaching preference, and it requires custom fabricated bleaching trays to use. In order to have the bleaching trays custom made for your teeth, you will first need to have your dentist take impressions of your teeth. Thereafter, the Opalescence PF whitening gel will be placed into the custom made bleaching trays which are then fitted onto the teeth. Opalescence PF contains potassium nitrate and fluoride whose combination is effective in the reduction of the teeth’s vulnerability to cavities, as well as for the increased re-mineralization of the enamel to further strengthen the teeth. When refrigerated, Opalescence PF has a shelf life of two years, and only one year when it is not refrigerated.

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